The Balvenie
Malt Teasers

Engaging friends of The Balvenie on Facebook with a bit of whisky trivia


Project Details
  • Client: The Balvenie & Psona
  • Date: September 2012
Business Objective

The Balvenie is a whisky brand which communicates in a 'loud whisper', a brand which is 'discovered' by whisky enthusiast. Our job was to engage friends of The Balvenie on Facebook, and appeal to their inner whisky cognoscenti, their desire to know more about The Balvenie and the making of whisky, in an insightful and humorous way.

What we did

We created The Balvenie Malt Teasers campaign, a series of true or false questions based on little known facts about whisky, the making process and the history. Friends of the Balvenie were able to share their wisdom through the comments field, and each post was followed by hundreds of responses.

How much do you know about whisky?

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